Last night I noticed a few issues added to the jQuery FormatCurrency page. I was able to resolve all of these issues and push out a new v1.2 release of the plugin.


Release Notes

  • Stored originalDecimals for reporting on the decimalsEntered trigger
  • Added format_as_you_type demo page (from Emmanuel Sambo)
  • Fixed issue #11 blank should equal blank
  • Fixed bug #12 and added unit test (negativeFormatDecimal) to support
  • Fixed bug #13 and added a check for a float value
  • Fixed bug #14 and added unit tests for en-IN which contains edge cases due to its Rs. symbol (Rs. 1,000.00)

New Committer Added

Additionaly, I’m happy to announce we’ve added a new committer to the team, Marco De Bortoli from Italy.  His contributions in bug reporting and fixing have already been valuable and we are looking forward to having him contribute to the futures.

Creation of the Futures Page

We’ve added a new Futures page to the Wiki.  This page will be used as a collaborative page to edit/comment on the future of the plugin.  The page can be found at

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