We’ve been working  hard to get the final components tested and working together and I am happy to announce that the Apache Stonehenge M2 has released, this is the second release as an Apache Incubator project. 

Stonehenge is a set of example applications for Service Oriented Architecture that spans languages and platforms and demonstrates best practice and interoperability.  M2 constituted of expanding the Stocktrader application to use claims-based authentication using an active and a passive STS for each implementation. We also upgraded the usage of the WS-* specs from the submitted versions to the ratified one. Extensive documentation work was done in parallel to describe the new feature set and simplify the installation and configuration process.  For more information about what’s included in this release see the ChangeLog


For more information visit the Downloads and Documentation pages.   These pages will have information on downloading and installing the following components:

  • .NET Stocktrader Website
  • .NET Passive STS ASP.NET Website
  • .NET WCF Services (Config, Business, Order Processing and Active STS)
  • Stocktrader MS Sql Server Database
  • PHP Stocktrader and Services Websites (Config, Business and Order Processing)
  • Stocktrader MySql Database
  • Metro Services for Glassfish (Config, Business, Order Processing and Active STS)
  • WSO2 WSAS Service (Business and Order Processing)
  • WSO2 Identity Server (IS) (Active STS and Passive STS Website)

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