This plugin has been made obselete.
Please use the latest release available on google code at

Hey all, its been a while since my last post.  This just a simple little format currency plugin that I built a while back.  Hope everyone enjoys it.

About the Plugin

The plugin, called the FormatCurrency Plugin, requires the jQuery core file and a single javascript file, jquery.formatCurrency.js. A demo is available on my prorfolio website. The plugin was designed with the following features.

  • Formats the selector’s value to a formatted version of the currency.


useHtml – if true this value uses the html() attribute to get and set the value for the currency, otherwise the plugin will use the val() attribute.  The default is false.

symbol – The dollar sign to be used when formatting the currency. The default is $.


This plugin has been made obselete.
Please use the latest release available on google code at

jQuery Core (plugin built on jquery-1.2.6.js)


Using the Plugin

In order to use this plugin create an html page and attached the jQuery core javascript file and the jquery.formatCurrency.js file.  In this example I will be formatting the currency on a button click.  Although another popular formatting technique would be to set the currency on lost focus (the sample download and demo contain both options).


<div class="sample">
<h3>Formatting Using Button Click</h3>
<input type="textbox" id="currencyField" value="$1,220.00" />
     <input type="button" id="currencyButton" value="Convert" /></div>



Known Issues

At the moment their are no known issues.  The plugin has been tested successfully in Windows IE 8 Beta, Mozilla, and Google Chrome.

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