I’m happy to announce that the release of my first Windows Phone 7 application. It’s been a lot of fun building and I hope that people will check it out. You can find more details on the Zune Marketplace site at http://tinyurl.com/WordSwipe.

WordSwipe is a word game where you find as many words as you can during the provided time. Words can be located on a grid in any direction ajacent to the current letter. When you enter longer words you get more points.

This game uses touch and swipe gestures to select the words and uses the phones accelerometer to reposition the letters when you rotate the phone.

The current version offers a random board and at the end of the game you will see a list of all the possible words that were available so you can continue to improve your score.

Trial mode will allow you to play a 1 minute game as apposed to the standard 3 min game, so feel free to try it out before buying.

Future updates include online integration which will allow you to compete against other on a daily board.

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