I’m currently following the Apache StoneHenge Project.   This is an Incubator project that demonstrates using WS-* Standards to interoperate between multiple platforms.  The flagship project is the StockTrader application which currently has an implementation where .NET, JAVA, and PHP can communicate using standard SOAP messages or encrypted SOAP messages. 

StoneHenge is a great project and since it is in this early phase of incubation they’re still looking for new members.  Below is some useful information for getting started.


“The aim of the Stonehenge project is to develop a set of sample applications to demonstrate seamless interoperability across multiple underlying platform technologies by using currently defined W3C and OASIS standard protocols.”  Full proposal

Microsoft MSDN StockTrader

The Apache StockTrader application is a subset of MSDN StockTrader Project.  There is no need to install this, it’s just helpful to know that this project exists.

StoneHenge Links

Apache Links

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