As many of my friends know I’ve been working hard on a new book for O’Reilly called Getting Started with Metro Style Apps. This book is written for existing .NET developers who are interested in the changes introduced with the release of Windows 8. This book is intended to be a guide to developing complete Metro style apps end-to-end. If you have an idea or you are just curious about the platform, this is the place to start.

In addition to announcing my cover art (an alligator, yay), I’m happy to announce that the first few chapters are now available for download via the O’Reilly Early Release program at You can also see the work in progress and provide feedback via the O’Reilly Open Feedback Publishing System at

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  1. shawn cicoria says:

    Your samples make use of MetroIoc. In designer however the xaml is databinding via the ViewModelLocator – but designer fails. For example SearchResultsPageViewMode won’t display as a result the constructor is failing. So, design time experience is not great.

    What approach are you providing to alleviate this?

    I see in the IoC.cs you check for design time, but I don’t see any of these types (xaml base types) being registered there for location.

    Same thing occurs on DetialsPage.xaml.

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