BalloonPop released for Windows Phone

I’m happy to announce that BalloonPop for the Windows Phone has been released. I’ve been speaking and working with Windows Phone for a long time and I wanted to get more apps out there, because, lets face it, there is nothing better than real world experience to help ground you.

I have three kids five and under and I wasn’t able to find any games that were simple enough for my younger kids who always wanted to grab my phone. Even the Tinkerbell game, which is on of my daughter’s favorite movies and books, required some adult supervision to play. I set out to write a simple game for younger kids that would offer some educational benefits. The result was a simple balloon popping game which required players to locate specific numbers and colors based on the instructions.

The initial game was created on my flight home from VSLive Redmond 2013. As with most projects, the first 80% of the work was quick, but the remaining 20% of the work, supporting ads, adding a leaderboard, adding sounds, implementing the designs, took all the time. Speaking of designs, a good friend of mine, Kate from Madison and Mi, was awesome and did all the designs for me. She is a fantastic illustrator and has a really cute eye for this style. Before she came along it was a pathetic demo app design with a black background and primary color balloons.

If you have a Windows Phone and you have Kids you should definitely check out this game. Here are a few cool features:

  • Really cute kid friendly design from my friend Kate
  • Sounds for instructions and rewards. My kids did all the voice recordings and it was really fun to see them participate in the games development
  • Leaderboard
  • Small, Medium, and Large Game Modes

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